Unwanted Emotions

18th Dec 2017

Postpartum depression is a roller coaster of emotions following giving birth. It can happen to fathers and mothers, and can manifest immediately or months after birth. For me, it came around 4 weeks postpartum with my third child. It is different for everyone who goes through it, but this is my version.   My newest little lady is immensely beautiful and I could stare at her and snuggle with her all day long if I could. I try, but the other two littles running around preclude that fantasy! Thankfully I have an amazingly experiences baby-snuggler in the house who wants nothing more than to love on my newest bundle (Thanks Gg)! The only time I do not feel totally head over heels in love with Gabi, is the 5 minutes or so two times per night when she stirs me from my not actual sleep with her crying of hunger. […]

3 Years of Freedom

28th Sep 2017

  Amelia, Lili, Gg, and I were outside enjoying the first Fall weather day of the year. Just relaxing on the patio, dressing and feeding baby dolls and chatting about travel plans. Lili went inside for a bit and came back out about 10 minutes later holding an ice cream cone in her hand. It was packed full of mango sorbet and a long spoon stuck in the top. “Gg, I got you ice cream!” After she brought out Gg’s, she went back inside and got the cone she made for Amelia. Now, you might think to yourself, “Why was a 3-year-old allowed to get food on her own?” But the better question is, where exactly were those items located and how did she get them? That was my question! The mango sorbet was in the middle shelf of the freezer, which Lil can reach on her own. The spoon, […]

He Completes Me

10th Jul 2017

He Completes Me   Growing up, I was very headstrong, independent, and never of the mentality that I would ever need a man in my life to feel complete. Obviously, I was young and naïve, and it was not until I met my husband over eight years ago that I really came to understand that quote, “You complete me.” I have two children and one on the way, none of whom would be possible without my husband. It is interesting, because it seems like every struggle we encounter truly brings us even closer. Each year that goes by, we fight less and less and we enjoy our time together even more. Not sure if that has to do with our children, monetary success, friends and family, or simply just time and maturity. Nevertheless, he truly completes me. He is gone for a week at an industry trade show in Las […]

7 Secrets to Airbnb Success

1st Jul 2017

7 Secrets to Airbnb Success   But first a bit of background…   My eldest brother and I started on the Airbnb journey several years ago. Our first property was a condominium in Arlington, Virginia, right outside Washington, D.C. It happened coincidentally as he was living there, I renovated the entire place into a modern thing of beauty with American made furnishings and beautiful hardwoods. His job took him away from the area and we wondered how to handle this gem. Selling was not a wise choice, as property values in the area are on the rise, so we looked into Airbnb. I loved the platform and concept but was a bit hesitant, we plunged in anyway. I managed everything from the turnover and cleaning, to listing, pricing and booking. I fell in love. Not only was I in love with the property, but I enjoyed bringing its beauty to […]

Austlen Entourage Stroller Review

23rd Jun 2017

              The Austlen Entourage…where do I even begin?   The Back Story: A little over three years ago, while pregnant with my first child, I was looking into the perfect stroller for a growing family. I had been working in the baby industry for several years prior and had ample exposure to all types of strollers and was purely unimpressed. Price point was never an issue, but I did not want to overpay for a name brand that lacked functionality and longevity. I’m the kind of person who wants one really nice purse to last me years, not a different one for each season…same with strollers and other baby products. The best stroller I could find at the time was the Britax b-ready with the second seat and car seat adapter coupled with the Britax b-safe car seat. This set-up came to about $800 all-in-all.  My b-ready has been […]

Surviving (and slightly enjoying) 1600 Miles

26th May 2017

Many months ago, I had the marvelous idea of driving across the country, 1600 miles, from Maryland to Colorado. There were a few reasons behind this idea, the main being that my parents needed their final car driven out at some point as they were unable to get it transported with the others in January when they moved. Also, I thought it would be a fun adventure (this was before I was pregnant, so I was probably drunk when this brilliant idea popped into my head). The moving company would reimburse us, so it would be an almost free trip which would be far cheaper than a senior, lap infant, child, and adult ticket plus parking and rental car. So, this myriad of factors led me to believe that this would be the right move. Fast forward to a week before the trip and major anxiety set in. What was […]

A “Profound” Approach to Parenting…In 8 Steps

23rd Apr 2017

A “Profound” Approach to Parenting…In 8 Steps that actually works (for me)   Prior social media posting: (Photo of my eldest, Lili, 2.5 years old) This sleeping beauty is astounding to me. I decided a few weeks ago to try a new approach in parenting her. She is so verbal and brilliant (every parent thinks so of their own 😎) that I thought the yelling and time outs, albeit seldom, weren’t the best approach. I pride myself on treating children like “real people” from birth, yet I was not acting that way when it came to discipline. So, I began a more educated approach; one in which I utilized her toddler desire for power and attention coupled with adult-level respect and understanding. It has been an outstanding experiment and I want to share my positive outcomes. She has not needed “timeout” in almost 2 weeks, I have raised my voice […]

STOP the Mommy Wars!

5th Apr 2017

*This is absolutely a rant. I’m fed up and hesitantly decided to post, enjoy!* Look, I get that you’re insecure about the fact that your house is consistently messy, you don’t hardly take showers, you’ve completely forgotten about your husband, you don’t sleep, and you get nasty with anyone who looks at you funny when you’re wearing pajamas and matted hair to the store. However, that does not give you a right to bastardize those of us that choose to keep our house somewhat tidy, shower daily (even if it just means two minutes of hair washing), actually getting sleep, or sweet talking family into watching the kids to have just a couple hours alone with hubby. You can be a martyr, you can brag about your chaotic life after kids, you can try and pretend this is normal, shit, you can go raise zebras in your backyard, I don’t […]

What Do You Do?

1st Jan 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR!   So, you want to know what I do? What my job entails? I am not going to rant, per se, but perhaps give a little insight to those who constantly ask me what I do. Mind you, they usually know full well I have children, and they just automatically assume I have a full-time out of the house job. I understand that comes from the new (often unfortunate) norm of our culture with both parents working, often out of financial need. I always wonder when that question started to become an ice-breaker…was it when women started to get offended because men assumed they all stayed at home and raised children? **Disclaimer: I do not judge anyone who stays at home, works full-time, chooses daycare, lets wolves raise their children, etc. This is simply what I do in my life. There are a million ways to be an […]

Education and Age

11th Oct 2016

It is such bullshit that there are reading ages on books. Learning and ability should not be determined by age. “You must read by age…” “You must use the potty by…” Etc. Etc. Lili enjoys the wall street journal, and there is no way she is understanding, let alone actually reading it. But why should that prevent exposure? Our world is so caught up on “they’re not ready” and this isn’t even considering the zone of proximal development. Uneven advancement also is not understood in the majority of America (I cannot speak for other countries). I understand, age is something hard and fast and a somewhat accurate means by which children can be grouped. However, if parents have control over the lack of stifling and sorting of their children, we need to take advantage of that. Don’t let books and toys tell you your child is not ready. You be […]